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Terras Gauda White Wine Young 2008 - 1 bottle
Terras Gauda White Wine Young 2008 - 1 bottle

Flagship of the winery, is a clear demonstration of the benefits of a wise mixture of varieties.

It is made from tear musts noble indigenous strains of O ROSAL valley, situated on the banks of the Rio Minho Galicia, under the D.O. Rias Baixas.

Its strong personality is the result of combining the legendary musts ALBARIÑO (70%) with those of the singular CAIÑO and WHITE LOUREIRA in appropriate proportions.

Tasting by sight: Straw yellow with green hues.

Tasting with the nose: Aromatic complex route, which combines the aromas of white fruit, skin and bone with fresh orange balsamic notes, backed by subtle floral and mineral memories. 

Tasting by mouth: Nice entry on the palate, moving towards a pleasant and gourmet stickiness with fresh acidity and lively, ending in a fleshy finish, long and creamy.


Pairing wine and food: Appetizer, White meat, Grilled Seafood, Seafood in sauce, Grilled white fish.


Serving at 11ºC


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20 points
Viña Tondonia Red Wine Reserva 2000 - 1 Bottle
Viña Tondonia Red Wine Reserva 2000 - 1 Bottle

Rated as Good Year for the Rioja Regulatory Council. On April 16 it caught an early frost, followed by a softer, assuming a loss of approximately 15% of fruit over a normal year. The subsequent weather favored the sprouting of frost vines, so the vegetation recovered enough, but the fruit born of these second outbreak was very limited and small size. Regarding undamaged vines, vegetation and health were perfect, showing generally good sample of grapes and fruit, fully normally advanced in the month of June. The wine is at its best fruit. However it can be saved if it wants to consume more development and refinement achieved by the bottle.

Tasting by sight: Bright light ruby edging tile.


Tasting with the nose: Very fine nose, fresh, toasted with light aromas of vanilla. Very persistent.


Tasting by mouth: Very dry, soft, round and developed.

Pairing wine and food: Rice with meat, Sausages , Grilled red meats , Game stew, Game birds , Semi-mature Cheese.


Serving at 12ºC
We recommend decanting before serving.



You can buy this wine at

25 points
Iberican Shoulder "Recebo" Covap
Iberican Shoulder

Iberican Shoulder "Recebo" Covap 5 Kg.


They feed on acorns and grasses in our pastureland, and their diet is supplemented with feed towards the end of the fattening stage.

The lemma of Covap is “Quality and Health from the origin”, thus they have his proper installation for the manufacture of piensos, with his controls of production and quality.

60 points
Black Rice at Palamós for 2 person - Restaurant Can Blau
Can Blau
Black Rice at Palamós for 2 person - Restaurant Can Blau

The best black rice you have ever eaten.

Right in the middle of the port of Palamós, a seafood cuisine lovers will delight you with spectacular flavors.



Black Rice Menu:

  • Marine mussels.
  • Palamós small shrimp.
  • Black rice.
  • Pudding, coffee and "chupitos".


White wine Vinya de l'Hort (O.D. Empordà)


40 points
* Menu available at all hours of the restaurant.
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